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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most-asked questions, categorised for easy access. Click the category below to navigate to the relevant questions. If your answer is not here, please contact us via .

Understanding the CPD Requirements

Joining SkinPro CPD

About CPD Homes

Tracking and Monitoring my CPD

CPD reporting and compliance

Understanding the CPD requirements

What CPD requirements do I need to meet?

There are a few overarching requirements you will need to meet each calendar year to be compliant. SkinPro CPD will help you record and track all these requirements.

  • Develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP). You can do this within the SkinPro CPD portal.
  • Complete a minimum of 50 hours of CPD activities each year that are relevant to your scope of practice. These hours are spread across three activity types listed below.
    • 12.5 hours of Educational Activities – your choice of traditional learning activities
    • 25 hours of Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes combined (minimum 5 hours each) – decide the best mix for your scope of practice.
    • 12.5 hours free choice of activities – you allocate these CPD hours as you prefer.
  • Complete some CPD hours (minimum hours not specified) for each program-level requirement:
    a. culturally safe practice
    b. addressing health inequities
    c. professionalism and
    d. ethical practice
  • Self-evaluate your CPD activity at the end of the year as you prepare your professional development plan for the next year.
  • Retain records of your annual CPD activity for three years, for audit by SkinPro CPD and the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). These will be held for you in the SkinPro CPD portal.
  • You will also need to refresh your CPR skills once every three years.

See more information in SkinPro CPD Category Mapping for CPD activities and SCCA Education Courses Events and Learning Activities Summary.

Joining SkinPro CPD

Do I need to choose a CPD Home by 1 January 2023?

The requirement to choose a CPD Home by January 1, 2024, has been revised by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA).   The MBA website now states that “doctors must declare which is their CPD home at 2024/2025 [AHPRA] registration renewal”. For most doctors, this will be later in 2024.  

Although you’re not required to declare your choice of CPD home until your next AHPRA registration renewal, we recommend you make your choice now or very early in 2024.   

Remember that CPD requirements are now annual. You should start planning and tracking your CPD hours from January to ensure you are meeting your required 50 CPD hours each year.    

For tailored, personal CPD support and service, choose SkinPro CPD. 

When can I choose SkinPro CPD as my CPD Home?

Very soon! In the meantime, you can let us know you would like to choose SkinPro CPD as your CPD Home and we will be in touch as soon as registration becomes active. Send an email to , or call us on 07 2139 3443.

If I choose SkinPro CPD as my CPD home, do I have to do ALL my CPD with SCCA?

If you choose SkinPro CPD as you CPD Home, you can still do CPD activities offered by other providers. The role of a CPD Home is to support you in planning your CPD goals for the year, store your CPD records, help you find suitable CPD activities, monitor your progress, remind you when you fall behind, and report annually to AHPRA that you have meet your CPD requirements. You are not limited to only completing CPD activities offered by your CPD Home. You can choose CPD activities from any provider, as long as they are relevant to your scope of practice.

If I choose SkinPro CPD will my GP registration with AHPRA be affected?

Your choice of CPD Home will not impact your registration with AHPRA as a GP, including vocational registration. Registration as a GP is not dependent on being a member of RACGP or ACRRM.  To maintain your AHPRA registration every doctor, regardless of their specialty,  must complete 50 CPD hours each year, and every doctor must choose a CPD Home in 2024.

Can I still be a member of RACGP or ACRRM?

You can continue to be a member of SCCA and a member of RACGP or ACRRM. However, you will need to choose which organisation will act as your CPD Home.  If you choose SCCA – or SkinPro CPD – to be your CPD Home, you should notify RACGP or ACRRM of your choice.

Does SkinPro CPD only accept skin cancer GPs as members?

We offer SkinPro CPD subscription to all current SCCA members who are Australian based medical practitioners. Skin cancer GPs are likely to find that being a SkinPro CPD subscriber suits their scope of practice. However, all Australian based medical practitioners are welcome to join as a SCCA member and SkinPro CPD subscriber to access our competitive pricing and tailored support model.

If I join SkinPro CPD can I keep my GP College membership?

Yes, you may remain a member of your GP college and still be a SkinPro CPD subscriber. You should be aware that most of the colleges are including the cost of their CPD program in their membership fees, so you are likely to automatically be considered a member of their CPD Home unless you proactively opt out. Being a member of SCCA and a subscriber to SkinPro CPD offers a great value alternative to most GP college membership fees.

See more information about SCCA and SkinPro CPD fees here.

How do I join SkinPro CPD?

That’s easy, simply fill out the membership registration form on the SCCA website here and pay your membership and subscription fees. We will be in touch as soon as we have processed your application with details about how to get started with planning, completing, and recording your CPD activities with SkinPro CPD.

Already an SCCA Member?

As a member of SCCA, simply fill out the subscription form and pay the SkinPro CPD subscription fee to join now! Click here to subscribe.

Not currently an SCCA Member?

To join SkinPro CPD you also must be a member of SCCA. You can easily sign up for both at the same time! Click here to fill out the registration form online.

Important Note: If you were a member of a GP college e.g. RACGP, ACRRM, during 2023, you will have been automatically made a member of their CPD Home. You will need to proactively advise the GP college that you are nominating another CPD Home and opt out of their CPD Home.

I am already an SCCA member, so am I automatically also a SkinPro CPD member?

No. As a member of SCCA, you will not automatically become a SkinPro CPD subscriber. You will need to subscribe to SkinPro CPD.

Can I join SkinPro CPD if I am not an SCCA member?

Unfortunately not, you must become a member of SCCA to be a SkinPro CPD subscriber. See more information about the benefits of becoming a member of SCCA and subscribing to SkinPro CPD here.

About CPD Homes

What is a CPD Home?

A CPD Home is an organisation accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to provide a CPD program for medical practitioners. These programs are quality-assured, support safe practice and can be tailored to suit individual learning needs.

CPD Homes also provide support to help you complete your CPD requirements and keep track of your CPD hours.

Can I be a member of multiple CPD Homes?

Yes. However, if you have multiple CPD Homes, please make sure you let us know as this will impact how we report and monitor your CPD compliance.

What fees are charged for CPD Homes?

Each CPD Home is entitled to set their own fees, so there are differences between providers. Some CPD Homes bundle their CPD Home fees together with their membership fees.  We recommend you check the overall fee you are paying for your college membership and CPD Home service.

SCCA members can choose whether they also want to be a SkinPro CPD subscriber. The fees for SCCA membership and SkinPro CPD subscription are deliberately separate, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Overall, SCCA membership together with SkinPro CPD subscription provides a high quality, great value option!

Note: See more details regarding SCCA and SkinPro CPD fees here.

What services and support are provided by SkinPro CPD?

SkinPro CPD will provide you with guidance about the types of activities that will meet the CPD registration requirements.

SkinPro CPD support staff will respond to requests for advice regarding your CPD requirements, including your subscription to SkinPro CPD and how to get started by developing your Professional Development Plan (PDP). We will help you record your CPD activities in the SkinPro CPD Portal and support your further training needs.

Must I only do CPD activities provided by SkinPro CPD?

Absolutely not! You can choose CPD activities by any provider as long as they suit your scope of practice or individual needs as identified in your Professional Development Plan (PDP).  This includes CPD activities provided by other accredited CPD Homes. You may also apply to have other provider’s CPD courses and activities recognised by us. And finally, there are plenty of regular activities that you probably do very often that can count for CPD hours. Talk to SkinPro CPD support staff or see more information here.

Will SkinPro CPD help me achieve CPD compliance?

Absolutely yes! SkinPro CPD support staff are available to respond to your email enquiries or to chat with you by phone to help you plan and complete your CPD requirements, ensuring you are compliant with the CPD standard. We will monitor your entry of CPD activity details into the SkinPro CPD Portal and send you regular reminders and suggestions for how to stay on track.

For more information about how SkinPro CPD will support you, see the Member Support Policy.

Tracking and Monitoring my CPD

How do I report and track my CPD Hours?

As a SkinPro CPD subscriber, you will have access to your online CPD tracker. Simply login to your account, enter details of the activity and hours you have completed, and upload any evidence.

Our SkinPro CPD support staff are available to provide you with advice regarding which types of CPD hours are relevant to your activities, developing your PDP and continually monitor and provide personalised tracking updates.

Can I see my CPD hours whenever I like?

As a SkinPro CPD subscriber, you will be able to access the SkinPro CPD Portal at any time to view your individual CPD activities plus to see the totals for each CPD category and your overall CPD hours total for that year so far.

CPD reporting and compliance

What information is reported to AHPRA?

SkinPro CPD does not provide any information directly to AHPRA. All CPD Homes are required to provide a list of all subscribers who are CPD-compliant to the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) every year by 30 June for the previous calendar year. As a SkinPro CPD subscriber, you will be included in the list if you have successfully completed your CPD requirements.

Last updated December 2023