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College Committees

Finance Audit and Risk Committee

  • Prof Petrina Coventry (Chair)*
  • Dr Sarah Boxley*
  • Mr Ian Wilson*

Governance & Ethics Committee

  • Prof Petrina Coventry*
  • Dr Chris Ho* (Chair)
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Vinodh Rajeswaran*


Academic Council (AC)

  • Ms Kristine Flemming (Secretary)
  • Dr Helena Rosengren*
  • Dr Irene Giam
  • Dr Dirk Ventner (NZ Rep)
  • Dr Hamish McLachlan (Student Rep)
  • Ms Lynette Hunt (Staff/Executive Rep)

New Zealand Advisory Panel

  • Dr Dirk Venter (Chair)
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Franz Strydom*
  • Dr Rahul Prasad
  • Dr Douglas Hill
  • Dr Peter Gent
  • Dr Nelia Lourens

*Current Member of SCCA Board of Directors
(Last updated June 2023)