College Committees

The Skin Cancer College Australasia has four key focus areas: Education, Research, Advocacy and Standards. Committees of the Board have been formed to focus on each of these areas. Current members of each committee are shown below.

Standards Committee

  • Dr Scott Arnold (Chair)
  • Dr Tony Dicker
  • Dr Clara Jimenez-Balcells
  • Dr Vaughan Speck
  • Dr Angie Barker*

Governance & Ethics Committee

  • Prof Petrina Coventry*
  • Dr Chris Ho* (Chair)
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Vinodh Rajeswaran*


Medicare Working Party

  • Dr Vinodh Rajeswaran* (Chair)
  • Dr Sarah Boxley*
  • Dr Chris Ho*

Education Committee

  • Dr Phil Hayden (Chair)
  • Dr Helena Rosengren*
  • Dr Chris Wetherall
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Jon Bell
  • Dr Franz Strydom*
  • Dr Charles Ayesa
  • Dr Jeremy Hay

New Zealand Advisory Panel

  • Dr Dirk Venter (Chair)
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Franz Strydom*
  • Dr Rahul Prasad
  • Dr Douglas Hill
  • Dr Peter Gent
  • Dr Nelia Lourens

Research Committee

  • Dr Helena Rosengren (Chair)*
  • Dr Ian Katz
  • Dr Andy Croaker
  • Dr Scott Kitchener
  • Prof Michael Kimlin*

Finance Audit and Risk Committee

  • Prof Michael Kimlin (Chair)*
  • Prof Petrina Coventry*
  • Dr Sarah Boxley*
  • Mr Ian Wilson*

*Current Member of SCCA Board of Directors
(Last updated May 2022)