The Skin Cancer College Australasia has four key focus areas: Education, Advocacy, Research and Standards. Committees of the Board have been formed to focus on each of these areas. Current members of each committee are shown below.

To view the Terms of Reference for a Committee, click on the title of that Committee.

Education Committee

  • Dr Con Pappas (Chair)
  • Dr Phil Hayden
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Helena Rosengren
  • Dr Chris Wetherall
  • Dr Jon Bell
  • Dr Murray Govan*

New Zealand Advisory Committee

  • Dr Dirk Venter (Chair)
  • Dr Douglas Hill
  • Dr Keith Monnington*
  • Dr Rahul Prasad
  • Dr Franz Strydom*
  • Dr Brian Wills
  • Dr Bill Grove

Research Committee

  • Dr Helena Rosengren (Chair)
  • Dr Andy Croaker
  • Dr Murray Govan*
  • Dr Ian Katz
  • Dr Scott Kitchener

Standards Committee

  • Dr Scott Arnold (Chair)
  • Dr Tony Dicker
  • Dr Murray Govan*
  • Dr Clara Jimenez-Balcells
  • Dr John Stretch
  • Dr Franz Strydom*

Governance Committee

  • Dr Robert Pennisi* (Chair)
  • Dr Chris Ho
  • Dr Harry Preedy
  • Dr Vinodh Rajeswaran

Medicare Working Party Committee

  • Dr Murray Govan* (Chair)
  • Dr Robert Pennisi
  • Dr Richard Johns
  • Dr James Bricknell
  • Dr Jonny Levy
  • Dr Phil Hayden
  • Dr Chris Ho


*Current Member of SCCA Board of Directors
(Last updated  February 2019
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