Benefits of Accreditation

  • Provide peace of mind for your patients
  • Stand out from your peers
  • Be recognised as a primary care skin cancer doctor
  • Be included in the Locate a Doctor directory

Get Accredited

Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor

Patients are often confused about who to consult for skin cancer care. The College aims to change this.

The Skin Cancer College’s Accreditation Program allows patients to easily identify doctors who have completed significant additional study and passed rigorous assessment in the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.

Locate a Doctor Now



  • The Locate a Doctor directory contains contact details of medical practitioners who are members of Skin Cancer College Australasia (SCCA), meet the educational criteria specified by the College, and have agreed to make their details available online.
  • The details in the Locate a Doctor directory have been supplied to SCCA by the medical practitioner.
  • SCCA has not made its own enquiries about, and does not take responsibility for, the accuracy of the information contained in these entries.
  • SCCA does not take responsibility for any diagnosis or treatment a person may receive from a medical practitioner listed on the Locate a Doctor database.
  • SCCA does not provide referrals to medical practitioners or provide medical advice to patients.
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