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Advanced Skin Surgery Workshop

This course is specifically designed for doctors already undertaking simple skin excisions and routine closures in primary practice.

It provides comprehensive tuition to improve the skills and clinical knowledge required to appropriately manage the majority of lesions encountered in primary practice. This workshop also comprises the compulsory practical component of the SCCA Advanced Clinical Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery.

Lectures and practical sessions cover the major types of flaps and skin grafts and the appropriate application of these on specific body regions.

Interactive learning with hands-on practical sessions.


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9.00am to 5.00pm Fri-Sun, Half day Monday

CPD Hours

*Disclaimer – please refer to below.


3.5 day workshop

2024 Course Dates


  • Major anatomical considerations and fundamentals of cutaneous surgery
  • Anaesthesia and nerve blocks
  • Basic and advanced suturing techniques
  • Introduction to flap surgery – flap theory and complications
  • Advancement flaps > Antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Transposition flaps – rhomboid, bi-lobe, multi-lobe, ROM > Lip reconstruction flaps
  • Wedge excisions for ears
  • Z-plasty and scar management
  • Skin grafts – split skin, full thickness, Burow skin grafts
  • Rotation flaps
  • Island advancement flaps
  • Excisions and repair on the face > Excisions and repair – Perioral
  • Excisions and repair – Perinasal > Excisions and repair on the Ear
  • Wound repair in dificult areas > Electro surgery
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Course Fees

$4,360 AUD / NZD

*Member discount $110 AUD / NZD
*Fees inclusive of GST

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must be registered medical practitioners.
  • Successful completion of the SCCA Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine is strongly recommended before enrolling in this advanced course. However, the workshop is open to any doctor who has mastered simple elliptical skin surgery.
  • To competently participate in this workshop, you must be able to answer ‘Yes’ to all the statements below. If you are unable to answer ‘Yes’ to all statements, it is strongly recommended you do not enrol in this workshop. The program cannot be adjusted to compensate for students who are unable to keep up. No refund of course fees is available to students who lack the required skills.
    • I have a basic understanding of: skin anatomy; concepts of resting skin tension lines; cosmetic units and sub-units.
    • I can demonstrate a sound knowledge of suture materials and instruments.
    • I am able to handle surgical instruments efficiently and tie surgical knots.
    • I regularly administer local anaesthesia.
    • I am able to perform elliptical excisions using layered closure principles incorporating deep dermal sutures.
    • In my current practice I regularly perform excisions on all body regions.
    • I have a sound understanding of wound healing and the management of wound complications.
    • I have a sound knowledge of skin cancer pathology and management, including knowledge of appropriate margins.

Further Information

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*The above summary shows the hours reasonably required for a diligent person holding the necessary pre-requisite qualifications and knowledge to properly complete all aspects of this CPD activity.
If required, additional hours can be optionally self-reported together with supporting evidence.