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Thank you for your interest in SCCA’s Webinars.

Members and non-members of the College are welcome to register for our free upcoming webinars.

However our webinar library of more than 10 hours of valuable, online skin cancer medicine education is available only to members.  Our webinar library features practical, primary skin cancer medicine information provided by thought-leaders on their subjects.

Join the College now if you would like to access our Webinar library and many other member benefits.

Here is a preview of three of our most recent webinars…

Dr Richard Johns


Primary Care Skin Imaging Options without the High-tech Setup

Dr Richard Johns is a foundation member and past President of SCCA. He has presented lectures at skin cancer conferences in Australia and Internationally and has also contributed to research in association with the University of Queensland and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Unit. Dr Johns has a special interest in skin surgery, photodynamic therapy, and photography and he shares his knowledge and expertise in total body photography in this engaging webinar.  Become a member to access this webinar now.

A/Prof Stephen Shumack

Latest Updates on the Treatment of Field Cancerisation

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia and proudly sponsored by Aspen, General Clinical Dermatologist, A/Prof Stephen Shumack provided an update on “Latest Updates on the Treatment of Field Cancerisation”. A/Prof Shumack was joined by our GP Panel of SCCA Fellows, Dr James Bricknell and Dr Nadeeja Jayasinghe, for an important primary care perspective.
This engaging webinar discussed up-to-date information and outcomes from recent studies, treatment of actinic keratosis as precursors to squamous cell carcinomas and much more. Become a member and access this webinar now.

Dr Melane Steenberg, Dr Charles Ayesa and Dr Franz Strydom

Your Future in Skin Cancer Medicine – A Live Q&A

Please enjoy this free member webinar. We have made it accessible to non-members as it answers many of the FAQs that practitioners have about skin cancer medicine as a career pathway.  Watch the webinar recording here!

Key timestamps: 

05.24 Introductions of panel members
19.35 Commonly asked questions about skin cancer education from non-members and members.
32.10 Education pathways available including Certificate Courses, Accreditation and Fellowship
39.24 Daily Skin Cancer Blog
42.21 Getting adequate experience while studying
45.17 How to find a mentor
47.58 Preparing for Fellowship exams and gathering cases
55.12 Getting experience in flap and graft surgery