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Introducing our Modules

The ellipse is the workhorse of skin cancer medicine and designing great ellipses is an excellent skill to master! In this intermediate-level module, Dr Jeremy Hay discusses design considerations, applications of the ellipse and some of its variations.

Module Highlights:

  • Explore the key features of the fusiform ellipse and its main variants.
  • Learn about the factors that can influence your ellipse design, such as scar positioning, biomechanical and topographical features of the skin, as well as the different systems of surgical excision lines.
  • Watch Dr Jeremy Hay demonstrate the application of different types of ellipses in real-life examples at 12 different body sites.
  • Use interactive activities and videos for an engaging learning experience.
  • Self-check your knowledge as you go.

CPD Hours:

Registration Fee: $150 AUD / NZD

Module Author: Dr Jeremy Hay

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In this introductory module, you will learn from Dr Lorna Claydon how to evaluate suturing requirements and execute basic suturing techniques. 

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to select the most appropriate suture type for a biopsy or ellipse site
  • Apply an effective suture technique for a punch biopsy site
  • Explore suture techniques for an elliptical excision on a trunk or limb
  • Watch videos and follow easy step-by-step guides
  • Self-check your knowledge as you go

CPD Hours:

Registration Fee: $95 AUD / NZD

Module Author: Dr Lorna Claydon

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More Micro Learning modules coming soon!

A Guide to Module Types

Introductory Modules

For entry level skin cancer medicine practitioners.

Designed to help refine, refresh and reinforce your core skills.

Intermediate Modules

Focus on more key concepts and techniques for skin cancer practice.

A great option for learners who want to elevate and expand their skills, or to refresh and update existing knowledge.

Advanced Modules

Explore challenging areas of skin cancer practice.

An in-depth look at more complex ideas and an update for those who already practice at a high level.

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