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Skin Cancer College Australasia is the only skin cancer medicine education provider with an education pathway that culminates in Fellowship.

It is the pinnacle and final step in the College Education pathway.  It is a significant achievement requiring a strong commitment to further study, assessment and skin cancer clinical practice.

Fellowship is available to all doctors who aspire to be recognised as a leader in skin cancer medicine. Please see our RPL requirements here.

The journey to achieve Fellowship will vary depending on your individual circumstances. Every candidate is different. If you are not yet sure whether Fellowship is the right option for you, we welcome your enquiry and will be happy to send you a copy of the Skin Cancer College Australasia Fellowship Guide. 

Indicative pathway to SCCA Fellowship

“Prospective Fellows should not have to be advised to study. They should have a thirst for any information they can find. At Fellowship level, skin cancer medicine and surgery cannot be condensed into a course of study, it becomes almost a way of life, and you soon realise that you can never reach the end, because it keeps changing.

Fellows must keep up with the latest modalities and their protocols, new trends, new developments, trends in chemotherapy, radiation oncology, and so on. A set curriculum won’t cover all this, and a lot of new information is found in sifting through journals, abstracts, etc.”
Request a Skin Cancer College Australasia Fellowship Guide

Who is eligible to enter the Fellowship pathway?

Entry to the Fellowship pathway is open to doctors who meet either of the following criteria:


  • Graduate of SCCA Advanced Clinical Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery
  • Graduate of SCCA Advanced Clinical Certificate of Dermoscopy


  • Graduate of  Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer)
  • Provide 20 surgical + 20 dermoscopic case studies