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CPD in Australia

We are delighted to announce that the Skin Cancer College Australasia has been approved as a CPD home!

As a SkinPro CPD subscriber, you will enjoy all the benefits of your SCCA membership plus tailored CPD services, quality education and events, strong connection to colleagues, focused advocacy and a supportive network all in one place.  More information will be available very soon!

To be among the first to choose SkinPro CPD as your CPD home, click here to let us know by email, or call 07 2139 3443.

CPD Changes Overview

The big changes to note are tracking CPD hours, not points, meeting requirements annually rather than triennially, and reducing the focus on education and training activities to meet CPD goals. The new CPD standards commenced from 1 January 2023. They are set by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and apply to all Australian medical practitioners.

What CPD activities must I do?

  • Develop an annual Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  • Complete a minimum of 50 CPD hours each year that are relevant to your scope of practice and individual needs
  • Spread your 50 CPD hours across three types of activities:

    • Reviewing Performance & Measuring Outcomes
      Complete at least 5 hours for each type, with a further 15 hours mixed to suit your practice, to reach a a combined total of 25 hours.
    • Educational Activities
      Complete at least 12.5 hours.
    • Your choice
      Complete a remaining 12.5 CPD hours across any of the three activity types.

Here are some examples of different CPD activity types. There may be things you are already doing which will count towards your CPD hours.

Educational Activities

Activities to expand your skills and knowledge relevant to your scope of practice.

Eg. courses & workshops; formal study; reading & listening; teaching; writing & publishing.

Reviewing Performance

Reflect and analyse feedback on your work and identify opportunities for development.

Eg. patient surveys; peer review meetings; performance appraisal; CPD planning.

Measuring Outcomes

Activities that examine data and information from your work to measure and ensure quality.

Eg. practice audits; quality improvement projects; writing & analysing reports. 

CPD content and specific requirements

Program Level Requirements

The CPD activities you undertake should be tailored to suit your scope of practice, as well as your individual professional development goals and interests. To meet the CPD requirements, all practitioners will need to complete (as part of their 50 hours), at least one activity (any length) from each of the following:   

  • culturally safe practice
  • addressing health inequities
  • maintaining and developing professionalism
  • maintaining and developing ethical practice

These areas are known as program-level requirements. For each area, you can choose the most suitable amount of time and activity format to improve your knowledge and understanding. For example, you might choose an in-person workshop, a webinar, a podcast, or journal reading You might complete a separate activity focussed on each program-level requirement, or you may find an activity which covers two or more. 

High-level Requirements

As a general practitioner, your CPD hours must also include completing a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course every three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not included below, please contact us on 07 2321 3443 or email . We will be adding more information very soon. 

When can I choose SkinPro CPD as my CPD Home?

Very soon! In the meantime, you can let us know you would like to choose SkinPro CPD as your CPD Home and we will be in touch as soon as registration becomes active. Send an email to , or call us on 07 2139 3443.

If I choose SkinPro CPD as my CPD home, do I have to do ALL my CPD with SCCA?

If you choose SkinPro CPD as you CPD Home, you can still do CPD activities offered by other providers. The role of a CPD Home is to support you in planning your CPD goals for the year, store your CPD records, help you find suitable CPD activities, monitor your progress, remind you when you fall behind, and report annually to AHPRA that you have meet your CPD requirements. You are not limited to only completing CPD activities offered by your CPD Home. You can choose CPD activities from any provider, as long as they are relevant to your scope of practice.

If I choose SkinPro CPD will my GP registration with AHPRA be affected?

Your choice of CPD Home will not impact your registration with AHPRA as a GP, including vocational registration. Registration as a GP is not dependent on being a member of RACGP or ACRRM.  To maintain your AHPRA registration every doctor, regardless of their specialty,  must complete 50 CPD hours each year, and every doctor must choose a CPD Home in 2024.


Can I still be a member of RACGP or ACRRM?

You can continue to be a member of SCCA and a member of RACGP or ACRRM. However, you will need to choose which organisation will act as your CPD Home.  If you choose SCCA – or SkinPro CPD – to be your CPD Home, you should notify RACGP or ACRRM of your choice.

Do I need to choose a CPD Home in 2023?

You don’t need to select / choose your CPD Home until 1 January 2024. In the meantime, you can opt to self-manage your CPD hours or continue to allow your usual GP college to track and report for you. More information here.

Last updated 27 November 2023