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CPD Participation & Compliance

Joining SkinPro CPD

Existing and new SCCA members (who are registered medical practitioners in Australia) may choose to subscribe to SkinPro CPD as their CPD Home.

To become an SCCA member, or to add SkinPro CPD subscription to your existing SCCA membership – click here.

SCCA members who choose to subscribe to SkinPro CPD will continue to pay their annual $400 SCCA membership fee, plus an additional annual fee of $495 to enjoy access to SkinPro CPD services and benefits.

SkinPro CPD subscription is only available in conjunction with SCCA membership. It cannot be purchased separately.

All SkinPro CPD subscribers will enjoy access to resources, tracking and support to assist them to be compliant with Australian CPD requirements.  Subscribers can also participate in SCCA educational activities which will be automatically added to their SkinPro CPD record. 


SCCA members and SkinPro CPD subscribers may appeal a decision made by SCCA regarding membership, compliance of CPD activities, misconduct, education processes and assessment results.

SCCA aims to ensure processes relating to appeals are fair, consistent and reasonable, allowing all appeal applicants to challenge the decision, feel heard and be treated fairly.

To learn more about the grounds for an appeal, how to lodge an appeal and how appeals are managed, refer to the SCCA Appeals Policy – click here.

SCCA does not charge any fees regarding appeals.

All appeals must be lodged by completing the SCCA Appeal Application Form – available here.

Data storage, retention and disposal

SCCA will maintain, manage and protect records in a private and confidential manner, working in accordance with legislative requirements and best practice standards.

SCCA does not collect or store credit card details, sensitive personal information such as date of birth, driver license or passport numbers, biometric or health records.

Wherever practical the servers that hold information are housed in Australia or New Zealand.

SCCA has a data protection and management framework and systems to maintain the security of information that we obtain and store. For full details including the topics below, see the SCCA Data Protection and Management Policy – click here.

  • Cyber-attack prevention and response
  • Data Protection Procedures
  • Data retention periods and disposal procedures

The SCCA Privacy Policy provides guidance on password storage and security, and processes if unauthorised use of accounts is detected.

Informing you of changes

SCCA is committed to supporting its members and SkinPro CPD subscribers by providing timely and clear communications regarding its processes and services and any proposed changes including:

  • Membership, application and renewal procedures, policies, or fees
  • events and networking opportunities
  • CPD activities or programs

Where proposed changes will impact members, SCCA endeavours to communicate well in advance of the implementation of the changes to explain the reason for the change, the specific change that will occur and when the change will come into effect.

Communication with SCCA members and SkinPro CPD subscribers may occur in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Email
  • SCCA website
  • FAQ lists
  • Phone calls for individual support and specific matters relevant to the member
  • Online surveys

Further information is included in the SCCA Communication Policy – click here.

CPD Variations and Exemptions

SCCA recognises that changes to a subscriber’s circumstances may require them to seek a variation or a partial or full exemption from completing their CPD requirements.

Variations allow subscribers to modify their planned CPD activities to better suit their moderately changed circumstances.

Exemptions respond to times when a subscriber’s circumstances change significantly and exceptionally, including through an event that is not ordinarily encountered or anticipated and is beyond the subscriber’s control.

SCCA will consider the time period that the circumstances will impact the subscriber to calculate the extent of a partial exemption. In extreme cases, a subscriber may be eligible to receive a full exemption for all CPD requirements for a 12-month period.

Subscribers are encouraged to apply for a variation or exemption as soon as they are aware of their change in circumstances.

SCCA’s process for considering and granting variations and exemptions is implemented fairly and consistently to support the flexible practice of its subscribers. All applications are treated discretely and with compassion.

SCCA is mindful that many of its subscribers have cultural and caring responsibilities that may impact on their completion of their CPD requirements.

SCCA acknowledges that circumstances which prompt a subscriber to apply for a variation or exemption may also have an impact on the subscriber’s wellbeing and encourages subscribers to seek support and provides a list of support services.

Assessment and recognition of CPD activities

SCCA has developed a Quality Education and CPD Framework which guides the development, delivery, review and continuous improvement of all its own educational and CPD learning programs, as well as the assessment of CPD activities provided by other organisations.

Details of this framework and assessment and recognition processes are available in the SCCA policy – Assessment and recognition of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities – click here.

SCCA’s Quality Education and CPD Framework is based on principles including:

  • Developing and delivering innovative education and CPD activities in response to emerging trends, latest research, clinical and best practice guidelines and standards, member demand and identified needs in Australasian skin cancer medicine education and CPD training.
  • Providing members with flexibility and choice.
  • Recognising CPD activities delivered by AMC accredited Colleges as compliant with its Quality Education and CPD Framework.
  • Assessing the educational value of CPD activities embedded within SCCA members’ job roles and practice.

SCCA’s Teaching and Learning Committee (T&LC) will be responsible for making all assessments of educational value and relevance of CPD activities provided by the SCCA CPD Program, other accredited CPD Homes, other non-accredited CPD providers, and/or self-directed activities.

An SCCA member can initiate the assessment and recognition process by completing an CPD Activity Assessment Application Form.