Dermatopathology for Skin Cancer Clinicians

This interactive online course is ideal for experienced skin cancer professionals looking to learn more about how dermoscopy integrates with pathology. It is a perfect opportunity to expand your professional development without leaving home.

No need to travel!

Commence the six week program by reading and reviewing online course materials to learn at your own pace over four weeks.
Then join an interactive weekend of live online webinars with expert presenters. Set aside 4 hours on each day with break times included. The actual timing will depend on your local time zone.
After this weekend activity, continue another two weeks of self-paced learning with access to more online materials and cases studies.
Conclude the six week course with a final Saturday of live online sessions to consolidate your understanding of how dermoscopy integrates with pathology.

You will learn how to…

  • understand the vocabulary and general principles of dermatopathology
  • discover histological terminology, specimen handling and processing
  • develop a working knowledge of the histological features of common cutaneous tumours
  • critically analyse dermatopathology reports
  • effectively communicate with dermatopathologists

Our 2019 Course presenters were:

  • Dr Chris Wetherall – FSCCA
  • Dr Ian Katz Pathologist – Consultant Dermatopathologist, Southern Sun Pathology
  • Dr Duncan Lambie – Dermatopathologist, IQ Pathology
  • Dr Blake O’Brien – Consultant Dermatopathologist, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology 
  • Professor Ruth Salom – Chief Pathologist, Southern Sun Pathology
  • Dr Sarah Wallace – Pathologist, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology

Online and interactive


6 weeks self-paced.

Our 2019 Course Commenced October 18th and Concluded November 30th 2019

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*Member discount $110 AUD/ $120 NZD
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• No formal assessment is included in this course


Our 2019 Course Commenced October 18th and Concluded November 30th 2019.

Dermatopathology for Skin Cancer Clinicians

Program Summary